Why choose BIGsales?

BIGsales is a company established in Portugal, pioneer and unique in the national market in the concept of online franchising. We are the ideal partner for your online business, because we have everything you need to grow.
We offer, through contracts made with our partners, attractive prices and consequently significant profit margins.

What makes BIGsales unique?

BIGsales has created a totally new and entrepreneurial franchising concept, allowing you, from the comfort of your own home, to fully manage your business.

We offer:

– Thousands of items in stock, including relevant brands, novelties and products on the rise in the market;

– A catalogue translated into the six main European languages;
– BigSales controls the entire logistics process. No need to generate stock or process orders;

– Own programming and computer engineering department;

– Own graphic design department with photographic studio;
– Own multilingual content and translation department, with native professionals for each language.

How my shop synchronised with BIGsales?

Your Franchise Store is fully synchronized with BIGsales:

Product catalogue, stocks, orders, carriers, shipping and tracking prices through the API Integration Platform. This new integration system will allow you to control the synchronisation with your shop with other sales channels in an intuitive way.

What profit margin will I have? What will my cost price be?

You buy the products at BIGsales at a wholesale price PVD (including individual units) and the profit margin is the difference to the RRP (recommended
recommended retail price) by BIGsales. The recommended margins depend on various factors, such as the product family, and can be as high as 70%. However, you are given complete freedom to choose your prices by increasing or decreasing the recommended values. In this way, the final margin depends on the pricing policy you decide to apply.

Can I sell at the price I want?

Yes, BIGsales guides through the RRP (recommended selling price), but the Franchisee is free to apply whatever margin policy he or she wants to his or her commercial strategy.

Who charges the customer? Who issues the invoice? How do I process orders?

The shop will be 100% yours and the customers who buy from you. In this sense, you will receive payment for the orders and you will have to invoice your customer. Your online shop is prepared to incorporate the integration of an invoicing programme, thus enabling you to easily issue invoices. Our technical support can provide adequate support for this operation, recommending supported options and helping with their parameterisation.

When you receive an order in your online shop and it is validated, you must inform BIGsales of your sale and pay for it. In this step, you will immediately retain your profit margin and only pay the purchase price.

On receiving your order, BIGsales processes it immediately and dispatches it with all convenience to your customer. This business model is called Dropshipping.

How should I act in case of an incident in an order?

We detail in writing the whole process developed in these cases.

Can I remove categories or items so that they do not appear in my shop?

Yes. You can disable an entire category or an individual item from being displayed in your shop.

How are stocks managed?

Don’t worry about stock management. BIGsales takes care of it for you. The entire process of replenishment and dispatch is the responsibility of BIGsales.

What payment methods should I offer in the shop? Is it necessary to have a payment terminal?o ter um terminal de pagamentos?

You are free to choose which payment methods to use.

As a rule, we install the following payment methods in your shop:

– PayPal: Many consumers rely on PayPal. Although it may charge high commissions at the beginning, depending on the volume of business, it is a very secure payment method for the buyer and seller. BIGsales pre-installs this payment method, after which you just need to activate the service by entering your e-mail and respective password.

– Credit or Debit Card: a large percentage of consumers use their credit/debit card to shop online. BIGsales pre-installs a payment gateway so that you can integrate your contracted service.

– Multibanco / MBWay – For Portugal, these payment methods are massively used. As in the previous cases, your shop will be prepared to integrate these payment methods, simply by making a contract with the financial entity of your choice. We recommend that you contact BIGsales so that we can guide you in your choice of options.

– Transfer: Few consumers currently opt for this payment method, as it is time-consuming and delays the dispatch of orders. However, this payment method comes pre-installed in your shop.

– Other payment methods: You will always have the possibility to add other payment methods. Check with BIGsales technical services for more information.

How many languages will my shop be available in?

BIGsales offers product synchronisation in six different languages, with translations performed by professional native speakers.

What will my shop be called? Can I freely choose my domain name?

Yes, you are free to choose your domain as long as it is available. For the domain to be 100% yours, it must be registered in your name or your company’s name. BIGsales informs you how and where to register it with your personal data and provides you with the necessary technical support. Even if your initial intention is to sell only in the United Kingdom, we advise you to think of global names that are understandable in several languages, as this will facilitate future expansion into other markets.

If you already have a registered domain, and intend to keep it in your new shop, you can do so by pointing the DNS to the hosting server. Once again, BIGsales will provide the necessary technical support for this operation.

I want to join the BIGsales franchise, what should I do?

Once you have completed the initial formalities, you can choose the design of your shop from the four models available. You can then customise the design as you wish, by changing the colour and layout of the products.
Choose a domain and a logo to start your online business.

What is the delivery time if I join the BIGsales franchise?

Within about 30 days from the moment you sent us all the necessary information.

What is the time spent with the shop?

Very little. The shop does not require permanence. You only have to forward the orders to BIGsales so that they can be processed and sent to your customer.